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Who pays for the cameras, and the internet connection that allows the family to monitor care?

According to Chicago elder care attorney Jason Lundy, it’s the resident and his or her family.

Certainly an interesting legal discussion, but more importantly, an opportunity for families to provide additional protection.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is backing legislation that would allow families to place recording devices in nursing homes to monitor treatment of their loved ones.

The article reports that laws to allow and regulate video monitoring cameras have been prompted by family members seeking increased protection for their loved ones living within skilled nursing facilities.

“Over the years,” says the article, “videos surfacing of elder abuse or thefts have influenced people to take protection into their own hands with camera monitoring.” Families of these residents have also demanded greater accountability when abuse does take place or is suspected.

The legislation would allow the recordings to be used in court.The woman suspected that her 101-year-old grandfather was being abused, but the frail man couldn’t talk about it. But Lamont wondered whether it could be done without violating residents’ and employees’ privacy.He consulted with attorneys and later planted a camera that the police say filmed a Mount Pleasant Manor worker hitting and taunting the man as he lay in bed.“In a lot of cases, nobody knows what the person who is impacted by this law wants,” Swanson said.Nursing home cameras are already allowed in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Maryland and Washington state.

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