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Kannada chat site

Read more I am a very loving & affectionate person with energy & enthusiasm. I am a trained Odissi Dancer, Trained in Hindustani classical Music and was a Good athlete in sc... Read more I love spending time with friends and family (which I value a great deal).

Read more I worked in the field of recruitment with our family owned firm, for a while. I am pretty much an easy going and self-assured person with relatively less qualms about life in general. I enjoy going on holidays even now and again too and feel that I have a good balance between work and enjoying life. Read more Coming from educated and broad minded family and have travelled abroad.

She did her Masters from MA and is working for an airlines. Her mother - is a homemaker, father - is a businessman,...

Meine Hobbys sind schreiben, lesen, reflektieren und Leute beobachten.

I have to deal with mainly the natives who are either not comfortable or proficient in English.

I am a doctor and it is very essential to communicate in the local language.

Ich würde gern Kontakt mit einem Deutschen oder einer Deutche aufnehmen, um die Deutschen kennenzulernen und ihre Sprache besser unterrichten zu können. Ich hoffe, das ist ein guter site für Online-Lernen. Meine Hobies spielen Tennis, Bücher lesen und kochen. Hi, I am from INDIA, recently taken up a job Qatar.

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Or maybe you need to see a terminal map to see where your airline's gate is.