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He also married a woman from the white-collar world and described the challenges that created.

The result for him was feeling out of place in both worlds. When I scroll through dating profiles, I now see how my litmus tests are not benign.

And these traits can be found in a blue-collar brother not just the Brooks Brother brother.

Time and time again we are bombarded by negative and oftentimes distorted images of our black men like the falsehood that there are more black men in jail than there are in colleges or universities.

She then goes on to explain how the guy made a big deal about her education and seemed to be intimidated.

My parents’ differing educational levels have never seemed to be an issue in their relationship.

However, times were different when my parent’s started dating.

Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting a mate who shares common interests and backgrounds.

I was hoping, however, that dating would give me an opportunity to expand my relatively limited world-view.

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Because of this, I find myself losing hope that the various socioeconomic classes will ever really know each other when it comes to romantic intimate relationships.

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