Folsom points dating

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Folsom points dating

Folsom is the name given to the archaeological sites and isolated finds that are associated with early Paleoindian hunter-gatherers of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and American Southwest in North America, between about 13,000-11,900 calendar years ago (cal BP).

Folsom as a technology is believed to have developed out of Clovis mammoth hunting strategies in North America, which lasted dated between 13.3-12.8 cal BP.

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It is also the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Scholars distinguish between Vedic Sanskrit and its descendant, Classical Sanskrit, however these two varieties are very similar and differ mostly in a some points of phonology, grammar, and vocabulary.

Folsom points are a distinct form of chipped stone projectile points associated with the Folsom Tradition of North America.

The style of toolmaking was named after Folsom, New Mexico where the first sample was found within the bone structure of a bison in 1926.

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