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The princess' Mercedes car was apparently being pursued at high speed by photographers on motorbikes when it hit a pillar and smashed into a wall.

Mr Al Fayed and the chauffeur died at the scene but the princess and her bodyguard were cut from the wreckage and rushed to hospital.

In true Sun King fashion, it was all pomp and fanfare: 15,000 guests watched knights on their horses participate in competitions.

The celebration which took three months to organise lasted only three days, but the Sun King did himself proud because the memory of this grandiose fête still lives on: the location where it was held is known today as There are plenty of carousels around the city, so here are six noteworthy carousels of Paris to get you started: Jardin du Luxembourg Métro: line 4 (Odéon), RER B: Luxembourg The green-roofed carousel in the Jardin du Luxembourg is small and discreet, nothing fancy like the double-decker carousels we find at Hotel de Ville or Esplanade de La Defense.

Diana, Princess of Wales, has died after a car crash in Paris.

She was taken to hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning where surgeons tried for two hours to save her life but she died at 0300 BST.

But Paris carousels are a source of delight, both to the child and to the parents who buy carousel tickets to avoid a public meltdown.

Finally, remember that many call it the "game" because it's supposed to be fun!

I never gave much thought to carousels I passed around the city before.

But they are all over the city, planted in proper strategic locations waiting to pounce on their prime targets: the children of Paris.

The ink would finally be transferred to a paper sheet.

The development of intaglio printmaking is linked to the beginning paper production in Europe at the XIVth century and the work of goldsmiths and armourers.

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The accident happened after the princess left the Ritz Hotel in the French capital with her companion, Dodi Al Fayed - son of Harrods owner, Mohammed Al Fayed.

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